Friday, 23 May 2014

DJ Timber "Mind Power" Reviews - What the people say...

Pluto (Ruffneck Attack, Ukraine):
"Man, I hear nastiest beats every time when you on the 1 and 2's, for me that's enough to express myself in a way I want to!...We know how it should be and that's why we support You!...Mixtape - banger, so no more need to discuss! Much love!"

P (Bad Taste Cru, Ireland):
"Highly recommend any bboys/bgirls to get the new DJ TIMBER Mind Power Mix. Got the full version and its great. IMO his best yet."

Easy Joe (Doperoc, Germany):
"Dopeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!"

Just Roc (Mighty Zulu Kingz / Floor Gangz, UK):
"Fuck winning any competitions this is by far the biggest honor for me in my breaking career. To be on the cover of the new mix tape by my mentor and teacher DJ TIMBER Timber Love Guaguanco! This means more than winning any competitions. Thank you brother it's truly an honor for me, you have been there for me since day 1, always an inspiration to me in breaking and in life! Spread the word if u want to get down to the freshest sounds!"

"Damn u know its a fresh mix tape when it makes u get down at 2am listening to it hahahhahha thanks Timber Love Guaguanco the new mix is insane"

King Ippy (Australia):
"I listened to the first 13 mins at the airport yesterday but I flew Into Sydney and haven't had a chance and don't have my laptop either. But I will have wifi soon and can't wait bro! First 13mins was fire was mad hyped bro well done!!"

Lean Rock (Horsepower, USA):
"Damn!!!! Jesus!!!"

Focus (Flow Mo, Finland):
"Timber on the new mix. Support and buy a cd, i know I will"

Chaz B (Stance, Scotland):
"Holy mother of fucking shit! EPIC!"

Johnny Yayo (Fresh Sox, Australia):
"My brother droppin heat!"

Doy (Force 10, UK):
"What I heard from the preview had me sold!!! Support your own & get down and dirty with 60 minutes of Agarwood aural delights from the man-log DJ Timber!!"

Poe One (Style Elements, Mighty Zulu Kingz, USA):
"Booooom!!!!!!! Yo the beginning along had me fuckin bugging out!! Im dead tired and that shit made me stand up and rock a bit just now in my hotel room. seriously"

David O' Grady (Ireland):
"YESSSS now this is what PayPal was invented for LOL I'll definitely be grabbing this tonight when I have a decent internet signal!"

Mouse (Mighty Zulu Kingz / Floor Gangz, UK):
"Get one people, trust me this shit is the la bomba!!!!!!!"

Aleman (Mighty Zulu Kingz / Actitud Salvaje, España):
"Sobran las palabras, cuando alguien del calibre de Timber Love Guaguanco sacan trabajo nuevo!!"

Hatsolo (Flow Mo, Finland):
"DJ TIMBER ON FIRE! Check his new mix and support!"

Heikki (Finland):
"Thanks man! This is one of those must support things! ...besides i think im the winner in this deal... getting so much good music for the low price :)"

Aidan Leacy (Leacy Brothers, UK):
"this one is my favourite mix i hear from you. just my tempo."

Yu-Jin (UK):
"loving it, such a good selection. respect. take my money haha!"

Freeze (Ghost Crew, Sweden):
"Badass 4 sure. Right up my flava…"

Jelly (Bad Taste Crew, Ireland):
"Yes Timber! Pure fire, such a nice mix of genres, expertly selected, and mixed, Well done man! Definitely one of your finest yet man!"

Moysex (Actitud Salvaje / Dynasty Rockers, España):
"Escuchando una y otra vez, entendiendo el sonido y el por que una persona elige estos y no otros discos. Tremendo trabajo dj Timber Love Guaguanco. No hay b.boys sin este disco en las manos. No hay excusa... PEACE & BE WILD!!!"

Zeshen (Havikoro, USA):
"I'm sending ya some loot"

Suninja (Doperoc, Germany):
"I was walking down the street and couldn't even walk straight hahaha"

Vex Byun (Korea):
"Thx for much inspiration Music!! you're so Dope:)
i'll always turn it on at the break session!"

Padoo (R4M, España)
"Por fin hoy pude entrenar tranquilo y disfrutar de la mixtape!!! me ha encantado y me parece uno de tus mejores trabajos. Has armado un trabajo TODOTERRENO....para batalla, lab, para simplemente disfrutarla en el coche o para follar!!!! jajajja funciona en todos lados.  Un CLÁSICO!  Congrats bro, lo volviste a hacer!"

(Click the menu button where is says "Download: DJ Timber - 'Mind Power' €5,00 EUR" to choose between Download (€5), CD (€10) or a Download of 'Mind Power' + 7 other DJ Timber B-Boy mixtapes (€15)) and then click the "Buy Now" button to order

DJ Timber - 'Mind Power' Mixtape

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