Wednesday, 30 April 2014

DJ Timber - 'MIND POWER' - New B-Boy Mixtape!!

DJ Timber - 'Mind Power' Mixtape
THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!  New B-Boy mixtape from DJ Timber!!!!  Available now to download for just €5 (or get your copy on CD at €10 with worldwide postage included).  Straight b-boy funk start to finish.

I've uploaded the first 27 minutes of the mix as a taster with (annoying lol) shout outs over the top that ARE NOT on the download or the CD version.  The full mix lasts 1 hour

For a limited time only I'm offering downloads of my other B-Boy mixtapes via my Soundcloud at €2.50 (half price) 'Just Jam', 'Roots', 'Adventures In Rhythm', 'Fresh Prince Of Belfast', 'One Man Army', 'Super Bad', 'Live From The Timberdrome' or you can get all 7 mixes & 'Mind Power' all for €15 by selecting the "Download: 'Mind Power' + 7 More DJ Timber B-boy Mixtapes" option on the paypal 'Buy Now' drop down menu below:

DJ Timber - 'Mind Power' Mixtape

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